The Vigil

The Vigil Begins

Our heroes Simmic and Tovaras met on the ship to Vigil . Simmic discovered Zella Quade hiding in the chest in the sleeping cabin. Simmic ended up jumping into the chest with her, and Zella used silent illusions to illustrate her story of fleeing her woodland home from shadowy monsters and stowing away on the ship. There was a tense moment when Tovarus returned, followed by awkward introductions. When the ship arrived at the docks, Zella tried to be stealthy in leaving and instead fell into the water. Simmic tightrope walked down to the pier as Tovarus made small talk with Sir Vibol, Commander of the day shift of the Vigilant. Zella successfully bluffed Vibol into thinking she had also been selected to join The Vigilant. The commander escorted the adventurers through the town to the ruined castle that serves as the barracks and feast hall for The Vigilant.

In the castle, they joined fellow guards in a delicious feast that only occupied a small corner of the massive great hall. In the morning, they took in the view of Tiamat's colossal corpse and then went on patrol. Simmoc thought that she saw the trail of a terrible mutant beast, but it turned out to just be the work crew's cutting back of the vegetation. Afterward, she found an actual monster, a giant fire beetle hiding under Tiamat's arm. Zella slew the monster with one shot of her bow.

Later, the team arrived at the Tiamat's heads, where ice still poured from the white dragon head of the dead god. Zella decided to create a makeshift sled and slide down the icy path, taking Simmic with her. They found themselves surrounded by blighted plants that had been corrupted by Tiamat's evil presence. The branches and thorns coalesced into the forms of tiny dragons and brutally attacked.

Simmic and Zella both had brushes with death, being knocked unconscious and healing each other to stay alive until Tovaras and Vibol arrived. Together, the four of them destroyed the twisted plant creatures. 


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