Bahamut, (m) (LG) god of power for the collective good: justice, protection, law, duty, loyalty, equal treatment, punishment of wrongdoers, compassion (especially toward the opressed, poor, or unhealthy), and social cooperation. Patron of metallic dragons

Tiamat, (f) (CE) god of personal power: conquering, retribution, revenge, domination over others, and self interest. Patron of chromatic dragons

Mountainbreaker, (f) (CN) god of strength and war

Shadowdance, (m) (N) god of stealth and gracefulness

Everflourish, (f) (NG) god of endurance and health

Boundlessmind, (a/g) (LN) god of learning, knowledge, reason, and magic

Truequest, (m) (LG) god of wisdom, perception, worthy goals, empathy, and determination

Honeytongue, (a/g) (CG) god of persuasion, force of personality, visual arts, and music



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